SIBOA – The South Indian Bank Officers’ Association is the apex trade union body of The South Indian Bank Employees in the Officers’ Cadre. SIBOA has completed 40 years of meaningful existence as the frontrunner in championing the cause of its members.

SIBOA stands on a strong foundation of ethical principles and values, with the cooperation of its members and valuable guidance from the All Indian Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC). Through the collective efforts of its members, the SIBOA has evolved over the years, overcoming challenges and leaving behind glorious moments to cherish for a long time to come.

SIBOA is today an Association that stands up against all that is unjust, repressive and violative of human rights, dignity and honour, fighting against exploitation, suppression, victimization and discrimination, most of all, speaking up for the rights of each of its members. The apolitical character and democratic style of functioning of the organization has been always appreciated by the trade union fraternity.

So come be an active part of SIBOA. And let’s together work for the progress of our community, as selfless champions towards the common cause of our brethren.

For the list of present office bearers, please visit the page on Office Bearers